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What started as a hobby has now turned into an aggressive pastimeā€¦
Although our family started raising sheep in 2000, it was not until this past year that we sat down, reevaluated our flock, and started over with a hand selected group of show ewes. This group of ewes includes wether dams we have shown from Massey Club Lambs over the past 5 years. Those ewes have received honors from being Grand and Reserve Grand wether dam at the Oklahoma State Fair to Reserve Grand wether dam at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. These females brought us success in the show ring and we felt they would be an undeniable addition to our flock. We completed with even more Massey ewes that were obtained through the Massey Club Lamb dispersal in 2009.

We now run 35 hand selected females that will serve as the base of our flock. But perhaps one of the most exciting pieces we received from the dispersal sale was what we like to call “Baby Bones”. Coming from Massey genetics we hope to capitalize on genetic pedigrees and phenotypic differences. Since our time in the show ring is done, our new challenge is in this flock. Over the next few years, countless hours will be spent selecting, retaining and culling ewes. We look forward to improving and expanding our female base each year.




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